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Birma methodology

Service is represented in meeting customers' needs of water containing NA (1%) & PH8 in various size bottles.

Production lines

Birma has always been concerned with obtaining the latest production lines in the world, as they are characterized with non-interference of human factor and it work automatically from start to end.

Water source

Groundwater that is treated using the latest technology obtained by the most advanced desalination plants , totally made of SS316 Stainless Steel.


Anions: Bicarbonate 29, Sulfate 8, chloride 33 ,fluoride 0.9, nitrates 1.0 Cations: Calcium 19 ,Magnesium 3.2, sodium 1, potassium 9, total soluble salts 125 pH 8, total hardness 58

About Birma

Birma Co. is one of the leading factories in bottled water production in KSA. Therefore, the company's management is concerned with providing outstanding water that meets strict quality control standards as well as methods and operational procedures. Since foundation, the company's business expanded, and a lot of efforts were invested to maintain high quality of the end products regarding all health properties. The success of Birma depends on commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction and we are striving to serve our customers by providing high quality drinking water.

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